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Culinary Tour in Ethiopia
Bermuda Trekking Tours invite you to join them on a culinary tour in Ethiopia. Enjoy Ethiopian nature, culture, and nature on this one-of-a-kind tour. Enjoy culinary classes, attend a typical Ethiopian coffee ceremony, and visit interesting local culture and nature sites! Come and immerse yourself in Ethiopian unique cultures and food. Taste the best of Ethiopia!

Meet the instructors
Learn to prepare Ethiopian dish
Visit the fish market in Awassa
Take part in the traditional Ethiopian coffee ceremony
Visit the rock-carved church of Adadi Mariam
Visit the Rift Valley Lakes in Awassa
1-night accommodation

Day 1: Addis to Adadi Mariam rock cut church, Steles of Tiya, and Awassa
On your first day, you will drive 300 kilometers south of Addis in the Ethiopian part of the Great East African Rift Valley. You will visit an interesting and still active church of Adadi Mariam which was hand cut out of a single piece rock in the 13th Century AD by King Lalibela, and the Steles of Tiya (UNESCO World Heritage Site). This site is a cemetery where about 40 huge blocks of rocks decorated with carvings and erected in honor of local warriors.

Then, you will attend a local food preparation program to learn how the tribal people of Gurage make porridge and bread from a plant called "enset" or a false banana tree. The plant's root and stalk are used mainly after being buried in the ground for at least three months for fermentation.

Finally, head farther south to Awassa. You will visit the lake in the afternoon, enjoy walking by the shores of Lake Awassa and spotting some birds. You will have one of the best sunsets you would have at it sets over Lake Awassa. Overnight stay will be at Lewi Resort.

Day 2: Awassa to Lake Ziway, Debre Ziet, and Addis
In the morning, you will have breakfast of freshly caught fish at the "fish market" of Lake Awassa. Here locals gather to have breakfast of fried fish, and raw fish with hot Ethiopian spices.

Then you will meet a local family in Awassa where you will be thought on how Enjera (Ethiopia's national bread) is made from tiny grains called Teff which is gluten-free, and rich in carbohydrates, calcium, teff, and much more.

Afterward, you will drive back to Addis with a lunch stop at the Rift Valley Lake of Langano. On the way back to Addis, you will have a break at one of the five Crater Lakes of Bishoftu (Debre Ziet) to take part in a typical Ethiopian coffee ceremony. You will see how Ethiopians enjoy their coffee with a ceremony and drink three rounds of cups of coffee.

This is a perfect place to have one of the best coffees you have as Ethiopia is the birthplace of Coffee from the Kaffa province of Western Ethiopia. Finally, you will head back to Addis Ababa on the express road.

Included excursions
In this culinary tour, you will have a visit to Adadi Mariam, the Steles of Tiya, Lake Awassa, which also include a visit to a local family in Awassa. You will also attend a local food preparation program to learn how the tribal people of Gurage make porridge and bread from a plant called "enset" or a false banana tree.

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