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Addis Ababa- the “new flower” is set at the foot of the Entoto Mountains. It is centrally located with in Ethiopia as a capital city should be. It is to here that all roads lead.

The altitude varies from 3000 meters (9840 feet) at the top of Entoto to 2200 meters (6800 feet) at the foot of the city.

The temperature ranges from 14 degree centigrade to 18 degree centigrade. 80% of the yearly rainfall occurs between mid- June and September which is the heavy rainy season.

Addis Ababa was founded in 1880 by Menelik II who moved his capital city from Ankober (a town 175 km to the northeast) to the top of the Entoto Mountains. The church of St. Mary where Menelik was crowned Emperor in 1882 can still be visited on top of the mountain. His wife, the Empress Taitu however, found the natural hot springs at the foot of the mountain to be more to her liking and so after a while the capital was moved to the foot of the mountains just above the hot springs. The palace he built is still there.



Meeting Point Options: Airport, Hotel

End Point Options: Airport, Hotel

Duration: 7 hours

9 am is the normal starting time. however if a customer prefers to start early or late it can be adjusted.


driving by 2012 high standard tourist van that can accommodate up to 8 people with professional driver.
for up to three people, we use toyota 2007 model.


Other: transportation (car, driver, fuel, parking, miscellaneous)
tour guide
Bottled water
lunch (for local experience)
coffee (for local experience)


70 birr - for personal items


Other: Meals, coffee, souvenirs, items of personal nature.

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